Revolutionising urban logistics for a sustainable future.

We’re accelerating the transition towards sustainable urban logistics. By building tools that empower operators, we’re enabling the increase of cargo-bikes in last-mile logistics fleets.




Revolutionising urban logistics for a cleaner future. Smarter. Faster. 100% Sustainable.

The logistics landscape is congested, dominated by traditional giants clinging to outdated methods. Half-empty, polluting vans, gridlocked in city traffic - that's a vision from the past, and it doesn't fit in the 21st century. We believe in a better, greener solution.

Kale AI is dedicated to leveraging technology to drive a greener, more efficient urban future. We're committed to redefining urban logistics, meeting the complex demands of last-mile operations with sustainable and intelligent solutions.


Urban Logistics

We're pioneering cargo-bike logistics in dense cities to meet urgent climate targets. E-cargo bikes, outperforming vans, are our answer to a healthier urban ecosystem.

Making Sustainability


For us, sustainability and intelligent solutions go hand in hand.

We harness the power of AI to accelerate the green transition in urban logistics, creating models that adapt to the complexities and uncertainties of urban environments.



Our tools empower organizations of all sizes. We're invested in creating an ecosystem where diversity enhances efficiency and all players can contribute to a sustainable future.



The task of transforming urban logistics is vast, and we are but one piece of the puzzle. We actively seek collaboration with businesses, government, academia, and nonprofits.

Together, we can drive towards a more sustainable future.

Product: Cavolo

Automated Planning,
Adapted to Faster Urban Deliveries.

We are developing Cavolo, our route optimisation software for cargo-bike and hybrid fleet operators.


Harnessing AI for advanced planning, Cavolo adapts to urban deliveries' increasing demands. Our solutions predict demand, risk, and service times, and strategically utilize different vehicles for optimal operations.


Cavolo goes beyond automation constraints, offering customizable priorities and decision guidance. We incorporate variables like vehicle speed, congestion, and parking availability into our planning.


We anticipate and adapt to the unexpected. From new jobs to cancellations or mechanical failures, our continuous planning approach ensures your logistics operations remain optimal even when disruptions occur.

About Kale AI


Kale AI is an innovative tech startup with a singular focus: to revolutionize urban logistics for a sustainable and efficient future.

We are a dedicated team of data scientists, machine learning specialists, and experts in human-centered design. United by our shared mission, we bring a unique blend of AI research and practical urban logistics applications to the table.

At the heart of our work is a commitment to leveraging technology for meaningful impact, reshaping our urban landscapes for a sustainable future. We strive to act on key leverage points that can transform our cities, making them healthier, more efficient, and sustainable.